My team and I worked closely with Leigh as he led work on the Jarrow Hall Masterplan, a National Heritage Lottery-funded 15-year sustainable development strategy that would set the much-loved heritage site up for a vibrant and prosperous future.

From our commissioning as consultants through to the successful delivery of the Masterplan, Leigh was an aspirational, ethical, and exciting individual to work alongside. In touch with the zeitgeist and passionate about what Jarrow Hall could be, Leigh was entirely dedicated to delivering a compelling and sustainable vision for Jarrow Hall that would address the site’s significant cultural heritage as well as the responsibilities of his organisation to respond to the climate crisis.

Throughout his work with myself and the Tricolor team, Leigh articulated a compelling and clear vision for the future, bringing his colleagues, stakeholders and community along with him. Working with Leigh was a pleasure; we’re thrilled to have delivered this foundational project with him and hope to work together again.

Sarah Dowd – Managing Director, Tricolor Associates

Working with Leigh has coincided with the two most enjoyable and productive periods of my career. As colleagues working at Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema, Leigh was a fantastically generous, diligent, visionary co-manager. It was a delight to work together, and his work expanded our audiences and enhanced our offer, resulting in the busiest period of Tyneside Cinema’s history. Always generating new ideas, always looking for ways to make the experience better for our visitors, Leigh’s dynamism and diligence constantly inspired me and the teams he led.

Now, as a consultant, I am lucky to still have the opportunity to work alongside Leigh, and he remains adventurous, intelligent, collaborative and driven by the need to always deliver work of excellent quality. This dedication has proven transformative in his roles at Jarrow Hall and across the North East heritage and cultural sector. Leigh immerses himself into every situation, is acutely process-driven, and this approach leaves behind him a trail of success.

Jonny Tull – Founder, Tull Stories

The pace is very high at Plant Based News as we have to keep up with the constant treadmill of incoming news. Leigh Venus didn’t disappoint. His written work was creative and in-depth, and we would definitely recommend working with him.

Klaus Mitchell – Founder, Plant Based News

Leigh has been a Community Leader for the Minimalist.org Newcastle Group for over two years now and the community he’s cultivated is nothing short of remarkable! He consistently goes above and beyond to add value to the lives of the people around him. When Leigh cares about something, he’s all in. We’re grateful to such a remarkable human on the Minimalist.org team.

Ryan Nicodemus – The Minimalists

Leigh has been writing for NARC. magazine for several years, and he’s one of our most valued writers. His knowledge and experience is invaluable, and he often goes above and beyond to produce excellent copy and knowledgeable reviews. He’s able to work well to deadlines, is enthusiastic about his work and always happy to listen to criticism if needed and is a personable member of the team. I’d be lost without him!

Claire Dupree – Editor, Narc Magazine

I loved the review! Thank you!

Jon Ronson – Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

A fine piece of writing, this is genuinely good stuff.

Lyn Gardner – Award-Winning Theatre Critic and Associate Editor of The Stage

I invited Leigh to speak at a Little Ted at the Coast event on Minimalism. The talk was excellent, very well-planned, professional and very well-received, striking a perfect balance of informed expert coupled with an engaging personal approach. On the back of of this success I invited Leigh back to talk on Veganism, and again the talk impressed with a mix of learned academic and personal approach, and he responded with ease to audience questions ranging from philosophical and practical aspects. In addition he is a really nice guy, and that comes across too! I would highly recommend Leigh as a speaker at any event.

Shana Nethercott – Founder, Little Ted at the Coast

Leigh is an incredibly inspirational and articulate speaker. His passion for animals and how we can help them shines through like a beacon. He reaches out to all levels – from new activists to experienced ones like myself – and shows us new ways and improvements to our approach to make sure we make the most of every opportunity to advocate. He is making a huge difference to the movement and more importantly, to the animals.

Anna Malia – Founder, Tyneside Vegan Festival

I have had the pleasure listening to Leigh on several occasions discoursing on a variety of topics close to his heart and mine. He is always passionate, often funny (which is the best way to make an important point) and is engaging for listeners of all ages and backgrounds. We need more people like him going into the local community explaining how small changes can make a difference.

Gareth Zeal – Nutritionist, Director of Little Green Social