Birdy: Benevolent Spectre

An ethereal, shimmering show sees the stunning Birdy continue running up that hill to join the greats of our time.

Two Man Show

Exploding gender politics and exploring the rich, fertile space in-between opposing points of view.

Sarah Millican: Outsider

Somewhere in the future Geordie comedy hall of fame, there’s a plinth reserved for Sarah Millican.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Tossed tambourines, misplaced band members and ending on an argument. It can only be the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Pim and Theo

A purgatorial primer into issues of tolerance, multiculturalism and free speech.

Steven James Adams

Charming the pants off the crowd with a brilliant – and brilliantly unexpected – mix of self-effacing comedy alongside songs old and new.

Ed Byrne: Outside, Looking In

Completely hilarious and remaining not only brilliantly relevant but doing his best work yet, Ed remains a grand master of his craft.