Get Carter

Jack Carter is back to settle debts, rattle cages and uncover the horrible truth about the death of his brother.

Welcome to Night Vale

A whirlwind visit to the offbeat world of Night Vale, led by the impossibly dulcet tones of series star Cecil Baldwin.

No More Worries

A sublime and touching mixture of spoken word, physical performance and live electronic soundscape.

What Falls Apart

Haunted by their personal and political pasts, the three are drawn into a communal long, dark night of the soul in this unforgettable new work from writer Torben Betts and Director Max Roberts.


A potent slice of feminist satire that raises powerful questions about the female body, abuse, and the disturbingly parallel natures of cancer and pregnancy.


Ferdy Roberts leads this modern production, with his relentless physicality transitioning from early swagger to frantic paranoia as the consequences of his hellish situation unfold. Literally bathed in blood, he remains indelibly marked throughout by the cowardly murder, marking all those he comes into contact with.