Leigh works in the culture and heritage sector of North East England, responsible for the direction and development of the revived Jarrow Hall venue, a Non-Executive Director/Vice Chair for contemporary dance company Fertile Ground and he is is a partner at Slope Design. He is the community leader for the Minimalists Newcastle group and volunteers with a number of animal advocacy organisations.

Leigh has given a number of public talks on different areas of his work and was a guest on episodes seven and eight of Shift and Signal, a series of eight aural narratives exploring “deeper adaptations” to contemporary social, economic and environmental crises. He talks about minimalism and individual action in a full unedited interview with Shift and Signal curator Dr. Alex Lockwood.

This site contains a selection of Leigh’s work including interviews, talks and reviews from across his interests, incorporating theatre, music, film, comedy, minimalism and the occasional good restaurant.

Outlets include Plant Based NewsNarc Magazine, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and Scran on the Tyne.

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